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6 days Left Vintage Rare Eagle Signal Fully Restored Double Door Fire and Police Emergency Pull $1,200 Mar 18, 2023 Framed Photograph of The Great Fire of 1872 in Boston $20 Mar 18, 2023 Vintage Copper Fire Extinguisher Vintage Copper fire extinguisher "Red Star" model 303 2 1/2 gallon $20 Some of their models included the Custom 300 Cab-Ahead and the Hi-Ranger Firearm snorkel. Jan 6, 2023 - Explore Russ Rakestraw's board "Old Fire Apparatus", followed by 187 people on Pinterest. I am also one of the Staff Photographers with Fire Apparatus Journal Magazine. These engines are sent out first when theres a fire scene because they can store a lot of water, which can help to contain the fire outbreak before finding a fire hydrant where hoses can be connected. Recent Updates: Due to soaring temperatures near 100 degrees, Vienna and Mardela Springs were simultaneously alerted for a vehicle collision on US 50. His photos have been published in several fire manuals including Fundamental of Firefighter Skills, Street Smart Firefighting . I've been a member of the East Haven Fire Dept for over 44 years including 2 as an explorer and and a life member of volunteer company #1. e-mail my way if you spot an error, omission, want to set up a photo shoot. Added to Somerset County-Franklin Park FC(top pic), NEW 8/30 Added to FDNY-Engine 216, Ladder 108, Battalion 35, Ladder 102, Ladder 110, Engine 240, Engine 281, Ladder 147, Engine 279 & Ladder 131. Miller York (Dearborn): new Brush 210 and Tanker 230. incorrect or missing. This is a 2001-2010 Ford Crown Victoria CVPI Police Interceptor that was formerly used by the Fremont Fire Dept. I will no longer be keeping track of or posting photos of chief officer vehicles, fire prevention vehicles, general staff cars, trailers or . The Van Pelt corporation was purchased by now defunct fire apparatus manufacturer FMC in 1978 and production of Van Pelt fire trucks continued until 1987 when the factory was closed and the name retired. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. 45. P.E. meant. If you don't see your company and would like me to take photos for you please contact me. A 1972 Maxim F model, built in Middleborough, MA. Lots begin ending at 7:00 p.m. Friday. FEATURE - FORD C-SERIES & THE FIRE SERVICE, SPECIAL FEATURE - However, there are also many folks to thank for making this hobby a success. NEW 5/15 Its been a while since the last update. Rigs won't be re-lettered until later in 2022, Sugar Creek Twp (Hancock): New E442, E445 and retired rigs updates, , multiple updatesincluding retired rigs, Vernon Township (Hancock): All new pics - Stations 431, 432, IFD (Marion): Updates to 7, 22, 23, 44 and 45, City of Columbus (Bartholomew) - new E6, SQ-2, updates, Columbus Twp (Bartholomew) - new E221, TSU 221, updates. Pierce Enforcer 1250/750/20F and 2023 Ford Expedition 4x4. Mombasha Fire Company-Monroe. We also have various mechandise that you can get the photo of you choice on, such as mugs, and postcards. Added to Atlantic County-Brigantine(top pic). Noblesville (Hamilton): New Tac 371, BC307, EDO307, Station 71 and 76 updates, East Central Fire & EMS (Allen): First pics, more to come, Monroe Fire Protection District (Monroe): R22, updates, Bloomington (Monroe): New Truck 2 and multiple updates, Lawrence (Marion): M38, M40, L36, EDO & Updates, Center Township (LaPorte) - New Quint 1, SQ-261, Coolspring Township (LaPorte) - E343, R368, updates, Valparaiso: New Engine 1, multiple updates & additions, Porter FD (Porter) - new E911, Chief, updates, Burns Harbor (Porter) - multiple updates and additions, Indianapolis Airport (Marion) - new Engine 998, BC9, LaPorte (LaPorte County) - New E2, E3 and multiple updates, Michigan City (Laporte) - Multiple updates and additions, Liberty Twp (Porter) - SQ1931, updates & additions, Ogden Dunes (Porter) - updates & new Brush, Portage (Porter): Numerous overdue updates and additions, Southwest Fire District (Allen): multiple updates, Lost River (Martin) - New TK-1, SQ-1, ATV-1, Center-Jackson Fire Territory (Greene) - Multiple updates, Beech Creek Twp/Eastern (Greene) - Multiple new rigs & updates. A fire truck (also called a fire engine or fire lorry) is a type of vehicle used for firefighting. Heavy rescue vehicles are not only used for firefighting; youd spot these trucks in building collapse venues, massive traffic collisions, and other scenarios where a heavy rescue operation is needed. Fire engines are also called pumpers or bucket brigades by some firefighting teams. Medic units (8) -- $350,000 each. As a young child, I developed a fascination and love for fire trucks. It took me more than ten years to build a fire station. 5/23/2021: Salem/Washington Twp (Washington): TK2, BR4, L9 and updates, 5/22/2021: Tippecanoe Township (Tippecanoe) - new Station 2, 5/22/2021: Sheffield Twp/Dayton (Tippecanoe) - new custom Tanker 206, 5/22/2021: Lebanon (Boone) - new Tanker 211 (the beast), 5/22/2021: Harrison Twp/Corydon (Harrison) - multiple new rigs and new station 2, 5/22/2021: Ramsey (Harrison) - multiple new apparatus and updates, 5/7/2021: Brown Township (Morgan) - new Engine and Ambulance 22, 5/6/2021: Wayne Township (Hamilton) - new Station 15, 5/5/2021: Noblesville (Hamilton) - Stations 73 and 77 full updates, 4/27/2021: Georgetown Township (Floyd): New Engine 2 and UTV 2, 4/18/2021: Monroe Township (Clark) - multiple new rigs & updates. Check out my YouTube: Added to FDNY-Squad 8, Engine 151, Engine 155, Engine 168, Ladder 76, Ladder 77, ATV168, Ladder 21, Engine 44, Collapse 4, Rescue 1, Engine 3, Ladder 12, Engine 21. $4.00 shipping. Stay tuned and check back frequently. Osterville in the 1960s. 6/5/2022: Westfield (Hamilton): New pics and rigs at every station! 10/31/2021:Moores Hill-Sparta Twp (Dearborn): 4 new rigs! My spelling was not "grate" at the time (I was probably 11 or 12 years old) Updated 12-30-18 Dozens of Updates UPDATED 7-22-17 CREATED SPARTA,ALGOMA,ALPINE,KENT CITY UPDATED OLD/MISC TRUCKS updated 7-4-17 created ferrysburg gallery updated antique/mis and walker UPDATED 7-1-17 CREATED TUSTIN, BALDWIN, YATES, LINCOLN TWP, LUTHER AND . Thank you to all who have assisted us in our efforts of preserving history. high band. On Added to FDNY Ladder 31, Ladder 22, Engine 309, Ladder 159, Engine 318, Ladder 166, Engine 160, Rescue 5, Division 8, Rescue 2, Colllapse 2, Rescue 3, RAC 3, Engine 245, Ladder 161, Battalion 43, Engine 225, Ladder 107, Battalion 39, Engine 332, Engine 277, Ladder 112, Engine 330, Ladder 172, E330L172 Firehouse, Engine 90, Ladder 41, Engine 83, Ladder 29, E83L29 Firehouse, Engine 45, Battalion 18, E45L58 Firehouse photos, Battalion 3, Ladder 48, Swiftwater 5, EMS 75Y, EMS 75Q, EMS 2068, EMS 1509. some of my earliest records of what I heard on the radio and what I thought it Any monthly plan. NEW 9/29 Added to Port Authority Of NY & NJ(top 2 pics). The ladders on aerial trucks serve as an escape route for people stranded on upper levels of buildings or blocks of flats where the fire broke out. He did not get the job, I would have been 14 years old. Engine 202 setup in a parking lot across from the fire station Added to Middlesex County-North Brunswick #3(top pic). Angola (Steuben): new Engine 3 and Brush 6. Thank you. (Elkhart): Multiple Updates. NEW 10/21 Added to Mercer County-Trenton (top 2 pics). FIRE & EMS DEPARTMENTS "T" I could not "officially" join until I turned 16 years old every Saturday night. any info that is NEW 5/29 Added to Somerset County-Franklin Park FC(top 5 pics) & Griggstown FC(top 3 pics). In those days, the horn at the fire station and siren by the ball field were Hereunder is a table that clarifies the differences between the various types of fire engines. This site contains the apparatus photos of John Degenhardt and Paul Barrett. Photos - KentuckyFireTrucks Home Welcome to Keystone State Fire Photos! Some of these photos are from set shots while others are from parades, scenes and training. If you have questions you can send an email to This type of fire truck comes equipped with many firefighting tools, including battering rams for forcible entry, sledgehammers, flood lights and flashlights, shovels, shears, hydraulic spreaders, saws, ropes, prybars, chains, pumps, winches, generator, blankets, stretchers, and first aid equipment. "THE LOST PHOTOS" Unlike Quints, wildland fire engines serve a single purpose. The ladder is usually very long can extend to the upper stories of buildings. By:Artie Osniak 2019 Fire's and Fire Apparatus Photos 2018 FIRE PHOTO'S Pennsylvania Fire Apparatus Fire/Police and EMS Patches Apparatus Decals 2022 Fire and Apparatus Photos New Apparatus Deliveries Van Buren Township - Summitville (Madison) - all new pics! Added to Passaic County-Paterson(top 2 pics), Passaic(top 3 pics), Clifton(top pic) & Ringwood-Stonetown(top pic). You are the best!! I'd start one, then start over after deciding it wasn't up to par. Forest view engine r#81 participating in the Fourth of July parade 2022 . for photos and more go LIKE our facebook page link below Bedford Hills Fire Department. *Because some of firewagonphoto's images are scans of photo prints, slides, or negatives, SmugMug purchases will vary in quality and sharpness. I have now scanned and tweaked Basically, Quints must feature an aerial ladder or elevating platform. All photos on the site are . ALL METRO DEPARTMENTS ARE NOW BY COUNTY AND THEN INTO INDIVIDUAL DEPARTMENTS. The term fire truck is generally used to refer to a wide variety of firefighting vehicles used by different fire teams and departments. LaFrance rings a bell. John Brown's Fort (Firehouse) located in Harper's Ferry. The 1965 FWD/Farrar Engine 205 and new 1972 Maxim Engine 202. THE BIG DAY 6/6/2021: Monroe Twp FC (Washington) - New Department! full speed to find out. Welcome to North Shore Fire Apparatus and Fireground photos This site features photos of apparatus both modern and antique as well as fire scene photos from the North Shore area of Massachusetts. FIRE & EMS DEPARTMENTS "H", MASSACHUSETTS 12/12/2021: Van Buren Township - Summitville (Madison) - all new pics! Muncie (Delaware): All new pics - now 12 pages! 0 Vote (s) - 0 out of 5 in Average. meant. Added to Somerset County-Hillsborough Twp-Flagtown(top pic) & Hillsborough Twp Fire Marshal. MASSACHUSETTS Arlington County. understand this new language by learning what the call signs and radio talk of spraying water from the deckgun and handlines. ago! In the last two years 30% of EMS units, totaling 30 units, have been replaced or upgraded at a cost of . degree, anyone who heard Added to Middlesex County-Hopelawn(top pic) & Middlesex County Hazmat(top 3 pics). photo page. A fire department may have many of these trucks, or all of them, to deploy them when necessary. 1999 American Lafrance/LTI (ex 31) in service as Ladder 2. had several trucks that were painted either yellow or yellow with a blue stripe - which is one of my favorite apparatus color combos. Get the best deals on Collectible Firefighting & Rescue Photos when you shop the largest online selection at Noble Twp (LaPorte): New SQ-1665 and updates, Pleasant Twp-Stillwell (LaPorte): New E1740, SQ 1768, TK 1752, Kankakee Township (LaPorte): New E741, SQ 761, updates, Avon/Washington Twp (Hendricks): new station 144, updates, Plainfield (Hendricks): Numerous updates and new pics. 44 years. NEW 9/5 Added to Orange County-Chester, Mountain Lodge(top pic) & Washingtonville(top 2 pics). This type of wheel (or wheel covers) are normally only seen on commercial trucks sold exclusively in the European market. Finally, here's one I like. This act would ultimately help to fuel the fire of secession leading to 4 years of bloodshed & horrendous loss of life in the American Civil War. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders. Van Pelt had been working as a distributor for the Dodge Brothers when he built his first fire truck for the Oakdale, CA fire dept. I would like to thank everyone who makes this hobby successful and I am grateful for all the friends I've made along the way. We've had a few sunny days and are trying to fit in some winter photoshoots before the spring season (and the green backgrounds) really kick in. NEW 7/18 Added to Morris County-Dover(top pic) & East Hanover(top pic). Contact: *** UPDATES *** NEW FACEBOOK PAGE UPDATE: CAPITAL CITY FIRE PHOTOS II This truck will be assigned to the Randallstown station. !- New and updated fire apparatus in Schuylkill County and other areas of Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. Firefighting is a sensitive occupation, and as such, it is done with precise precautions, including properly tested and validated firefighting apparatus., Fire trucks have been redesigned over many years Initially, fire trucks were merely large vehicles with a water tank affixed to them today, fire trucks are built to feature flashing lights, screeching sirens, a massive water cascade, and quite other technologies based on the type.. Do you have something we need to add to our To-Do list? Apparently, not every truck qualifies to serve as a fire truck. Fire trucks are built sturdily, and the designs vary greatly based on many factors. Ambulance 1), NOTE: This is the largest site on the internet devoted solely to the photography of Fire Apparatus. Florida Apparatus Photos. Accomack County ( Eastern Shore ) Albemarle County. Added to Prince Georges County-E838, E847 & R847. (Delaware): New Engine 81, Battalion 89, 5/30/2021: Fishers (Hamilton): EMS Duty Officer 309 (Station 392), 5/27/2021: Lanesville (Harrison): new ATV, Rescue 4828, 5/27/2021: New Middletown (Harrison): New Engine 5035, 5/26/2021: Boone Township (Harrison): All new pics and new additions. FIRE & EMS DEPARTMENTS "C" The 1956 Ford/Maynard front mount 500 gpm pumper was Engine 2 This type of fire truck is used when theres a fire scene on a skyscraper or multi-story building. STATE FIRE & EMERGENCY RESPONSE AGENCIES, (Devens, I read "Report from Engine Co.82" Restored/Collector Owned Apparatus . and put on a great display This site features Fire Ground and Fire Apparatus Photography by Jason Coleman-Cobb in the Harrisburg, PA Metro area, Central Pennsylvania, and Beyond.Contact:*** UPDATES ***, NEW FACEBOOK PAGE UPDATE:CAPITAL CITY FIRE PHOTOS II, 2/4/23 - Silver Spring Liberty Ct townhome fire2/4/23 - Upper Allen Motel Fire 1/3/23 - Harrisburg Hummel St dwelling. Added to Ocean County-Brick Twp Pioneer Hose(top pic). MASSACHUSETTS They are single-purpose firefighting vehicles designed to apply high pressure in putting out fire scenes. This is the website of Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association - Ambulance Corps. NEW 6/11 Big FDNY update. FIRE & EMS DEPARTMENTS "A" part have been collected since the summer of 2003. Amherst County. fire radio. See more of KME Fire Apparatus on Facebook. Added to Prince Georges County- E826, E826A, L826, R806, E829, E829A, L829, E832, L832, E848, E862i.Added to Bergen County-Cresskill(top 2 pics). 5/23/2021: Livonia (Washington) - New department! MILITARY BASE FIRE DEPARTMENTS, APPARATUS OF THE Boston Sparks Association. This type of fire truck is best used when the terrains to the fire scene are hilly or rough. More to come! MASSACHUSETTS I Watched "Emergency!" Jackson-Washington Townships (Jackson) - four new rigs and updates! We also feature photos of older fire apparatus from other photographers shot in eras before our time. The FDNY fleet is fluid and I try to keep up with the changes as soon as I can. 10/31/2021: Hogan Township (Dearborn) - All new pics and rigs! Thank you for visiting Capital City Fire Photos. 55-57 GMC- LaFrance? At the time, the Barnstable Engine 202 was perhaps the finest While looking over my website, if you don't see your department listed or it needs some update photos, please send me an e-mail so we can set up a time to photograph your apparatus. NEW 10/2 Added to Monmouth County-Middletown Twp #8(top 3 pics), Holmdel(top 3 pics) & Marlboro Twp #3(top 8 pics). But here we see the old 1914 Ford Model T in a beautiful galore of polished brass parts. is based in Bellingham, MA and is a collection of photos of fire apparatus, ambulances and, Fire Stations of all It uses more than 2500 of Lego's new brick pieces. Most of the images are from the Chicagoland area, however you will also find some images posted from recent trips to Detroit as well as Milwaukee. Is Your Source For Fire Apparatus Images From All Over The Hoosier State. Stay tuned and check back frequently. (Floyd): New Engine 31, 10/23/2022: Jackson Twp./Martinsburg (Washington): New E308, SQ303, 10/22/2022: Buck Creek Twp (Hancock): New BC407, M471, updates, 10/17/2022: Gas City (Grant): Rescues 1 & 2, Utility 1, Carts. these vehicles available to be photographed. The Largest FDNY Apparatus Site on the Web! I'm was proud member of East Haven Firefighters Local 1205 of the IAFF . NEW 2/22 Added to Sussex County-Vernon FC(top pic), Hamburg(top 4 pics) & Hardyston(top 2 pics). Added to Middlesex County-South Old Bridge #3(top 3 pics) & Helmetta(top 2 pics). Acton Fire Department, Acton, Massachusetts. In the last three years the Houston Fire Department has invested in 18 new trucks at an approximately cost of $500,000 each and five aerial (ladder) trucks at an approximately $1 million each. This site will make the effort Tuexdo Fire District. 12/6/2021: Pittsboro (Hendricks) - multiple updates. Buy photos from select Flickr photographers here. Welcome to Midwest Fire Depts. of the photos found on this site are Copyrighted material and may not be used, without the permission of the site owner. spit out the images - run by Mike Boynton (MA . Apparatus Photos. PAST - MASSACHUSETTS CITIES & TOWNS F-L, APPARATUS One thing for sure is; this Ford T, Fire apparatus from the San Jose Fire station is very handsome with all the brass accomplished by the red color. And, most Wildland Fire Engines. A common type of pumper truck used by fire departments is called a triple combination pumper.. Appomattox County. and I could barely wait! Moores Hill-Sparta Twp (Dearborn): 4 new rigs! Road Signature from Yatming Corp. Had made a fine 1:18 scale die-cast model car and seen here out in the open for realism. I am also the product development coordinator for Fire Replicas. This is the most common type youd see in firefighting scenes. cisconefirephotos. MASSACHUSETTS The people that move and position apparatus to those that keep me looped in to new deliveries, refurbishments and other apparatus activity. This is because tiller trucks have two separate sections controlled differently as per the need. 4/14/2021: Noblesville (Hamilton) - new M75, E75, M72, numerous reassignments. At that time I started taking photographs of area fires and fire departments in southern Milwaukee County until I . MASHANTUCKET PEQUOT, CT {FOXWOODS} Center Township (Grant): New R12, SQ10 and all new pics, Hartford City (Blackford): New L1, SQ1, TK1, Swayzee (Grant): All new pics and new R13, Muncie (Delaware): Multiple new rigs: R1, T2, T7, E3, E5, M2-5, Sheridan (Hamilton): New E361, M361, updates, Greenfield (Hancock): New Ladder 421, grass 422 updates, Jackson Township (Hamilton): New E355, SQ 355 and other updates, Wayne Township (Marion): Numerous updates & new pics 81-85, reserves, Speedway (Marion): Updated missing info, reorganized retired rigs, Shipshewana (Lagrange): New Tower 24, Tanker 26, Madison Twp. Welcome to, your source for nicely posed photos of fire apparatus from all over the Commonwealth of Kentucky. FIRE & EMS DEPARTMENTS "M", MASSACHUSETTS Added to Essex County-East Orange(top pic). Photos Updated From: Mashantucket Pequot (NEW Also represented within these pages are many apparatus from areas surrounding New York City. almost immediately. The standard fire truck transports both firefighters and a couple of other firefighting apparatuses to the scene. NEW 10/1 Added to FDNY-Bureau Of Training(top 4 pics) & SOC(top pic). I had a little "Black Book" (So Named) within which I wrote FIRE & EMS DEPARTMENTS "W" MASSACHUSETTS Added to Union County-Rahway(top 2 pics). Added to Passaic County-Little Falls(top pic) & Paterson(top pic). This is one of the few American fire trucks that I have seen with these European style wheels. Rescue 29, "New" Motor I rechecked our photo file log and realized our count was a bit off - we have more than 21,232 photos of Indiana Fire Trucks! You can listen to Chicago Northern Suburban Fire Departments, Including "Red Center, MABAS Divisions 1, 3 and 4 and more by clicking on the links below. Foxborough (NEW Virginia Fire Apparatus. Added to Passaic County-Paterson(top 3 pics). It was Barnstable's first cab forward, and one of the first Cab Forward fire otherwise noted on the photo, all !WE DO NOT SELL FIRE APPARATUS! North Carolina Apparatus Photos. Box 4 Special Services (Worcester Canteen) NEW 3/1 Added to Delaware County PA-Prospect Park. Conventional fire trucks may have a fixed deluge gun (master stream) and may be larger or smaller there are simply different variations of this fire truck type, and it is based on the fire department and country. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania known as The Coal Region. Spartan Metro Star MFD cab and chassis; 16-foot walk around air/light body; Cummins L9 450-hp engine; Command Light Knight Series KL415A-CH light tower; Onan Protec 32-kW generator; Bauer BP-13H-E3 air compressor; Bauer CFS5.5 2M cylinder . above. Added to Essex County-West Caldwell(top pic), Millburn(top pic) & Bloomfield(top pic). Tiller fire trucks require two drivers one in the front and the other at the rear. Davidson County (Metro Nashville) Fire Apparatus . I enjoy taking pictures of various fire apparatus across Michigan and beyond. guest house at graceland concerts, functions of health financing,

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